Shreya Dhanwanthary in Why Cheat India Hindi film 2019

Shreya Dhanwanthary made her Bollywood debut with Cheat India against Emraan Hashmi. She has prestigious modeling missions on her kitten. She was a third-year engineering student when she received a call for an audition for the Femina Miss India South trousers in 2008. After winning, she competed in the PFMI’08 contest as a finalist. Shortly thereafter, she was offered the telugu film ‘Snehageetham’, for which she is currently shooting.

Shreya Dhanwanthary in Why Cheat India

Shreya Dhanwanthary attended Femina Miss India South 2008 as a third year engineering student. She was ranked 1st finalist in the event. She then participated in Miss India 2008 as a finalist. Popular brands she has approved include Airtel, Pants, Safi, Provogue, Vogue Eyewear, Gitanjal Maya Gold jewellery, D’damas jewellery, Jashn Sarees and Liberty Footwear. Shortly after Miss India 2008, she was offered a role in the Telugu film Sneha Geetham. He made his Bollywood debut with Cheat India against Emraan Hashmi.

Why Cheat Asian country could be a 2019 Hindi criminal film written and directed by Soumik fractional monetary unit, with Emraan Hashmi and Shreya Dhanwanthary within the lead roles.The film begins by showing the reality of the Indian education system and how children are pushed by their parents to become doctors or engineers.

The scene ends in Kota, where a boy named Satyendra Dubey (Sattu) lives in a rented house and teaches him to pass the engineering entrance exam. After her training, she returned to her home in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, where she lives with her parents, her older sister Nupur Dubey and her grandmother. The day of the entrance exam arrives and Sattu writes his homework well. In a theatre, corrupt politicians tell Sattu and his friends to move to the lower seats, but when Rakesh Singh is asked to do the same, he refuses to do the same, fights with the thugs and has the police arrest them. Rakesh visits Sattu’s house and takes him to a tea stand where he gives him his phone number. The next day, Sattu calls him at a restaurant and Rakesh makes him an offer. If you take the exams of some wealthy candidates who want to be admitted to colleges, you’ll be rewarded with ₹50,000 per student. Sattu agrees and starts taking exams, earning a lot of money for his family. Every time he takes top-level exams in places like Calcutta and Mumbai, he has sex with prostitutes.

Meanwhile, Rakesh goes to his house where his sister is getting married, and it is revealed that Rakesh is married. Sattu is later rustic from his university because he was caught with drugs, is arrested and is still addicted to drugs. After his convalescence, Rakesh gave him the baccalaureate and asked him to go work in Qatar. After a few years, Rakesh met Sattu’s older sister, Nupur Dubey. They have fun until their lives change. One day, Nupur told her that she wanted to do an MBA to be promoted to a higher position. Rakesh has some of his students solve the MBA role and calls Nupur at the office parking lot. When Rakesh arrives there and tells Nupur that he has the filtered paper, the camera shoots him in the face, all the vehicle headlights come on and the police inspector stops him for filtering the paper. The film takes a step back and shows that Sattu is fired from his job because his title was only a Photoshop certificate with only his name (created by Rakesh to get him out of exams and rustication fees). Sattu committed suicide. The scene goes back to the present time showing that Nupur had taken revenge on his brother’s suicide. After his release from prison, Rakesh built an engineering school named after his father.

Shreya Dhanwanthary in Why Cheat India

Cast :
Emraan Hashmi: Rakesh Kumar Singh (Rocky)
Nupur Dubey: Shreya Dhanwanthary : Nupur Dubey
Snighadeep Chatterjee: Satyendera Dubey “Sattu”.
Manuj Sharma in the role of Bablu (Rakesh’s Friend)
Nawal Shukla: Yogesh Dubey (Father of Nupur and Sattu)

Shubhra Gupta, who writes for The Indian Express, says: “Why Cheat India is disjointed and disappointed, never knowing on which side it is, even if time goes by showing us how greed can ruin good students and how parents can put pressure on their children to break the vicious gap between current debt and potential income” and adds: “The equipment is thin and too hard for two hours, as it passes from medical engineering to management, the Holy Grail. He concludes his criticism with “Finally, the villain is excluded: it is a confusing and artificial writing, why mislead the audience?

Priyanka Sinha Jha from, who gives 3 out of 5 stars, writes: “Emraan Hashmi’s shortcut to success is worth looking at: “Why fool India” takes a theme that is new and immediately plays a chord with almost everyone who has participated in competitions in India. Unfortunately, although director Soumik Sen, who is also the author of the film, fails to transform all this wonderful material into a convincing film. Why misleading India’s Achilles heel is its inability to infuse a powerful premise with the dramatic weight it required. The script does not go beyond the research points and the writing is clumsy in some places. Most of the time, there are easy and simplistic solutions for difficult situations. The scenario tries to go in many directions and ends up leading nowhere. While trying to make the film something like a commercial cauldron and a satire, Why Cheat India falls between the two stools on which he tries to stand. He ends his criticism with “However, since the heart of the film is in the right place and his astute observations, why cheating India is worth seeing.


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