BADHAAI HO Full Movie [2018] Online Leaked for Watch & Download HD

The illegal sites have released Badhai Ho full movie download links with 720p HD quality prints, BADHAAI HO is a 2018 superhit Hindi comedy movie, directed by Amit Ravindernath Sharma. Starring Ayushmann Khurrana, Neena, Gupta, Gajraj Rao,Surekha Sikri, Sanya Malhotra, Written by Shanatanu Srivastava , Akshat Ghildial, Jyoti Kapoor, Music by Tanishk Bagchi, Rochak Kohli, JAM8, Production company Junglee Pictures, Chrome Pictures and Distributed by AA Films.

BADHAAI HO Full Movie [2018] Online Leaked for Watch & Download HD

BADHAAI HO movie Story

The movie takes you straight into the middle-class Kaushik household which is set in a modest neighbourhood in Delhi. The patriarch Jeetender (played by Gajraj Rao) is a ticket checker with the railways who doesn’t believe in being a spend-thrift. He is a doting hubby to his wife Priyamvada (Neena Gupta) and also a pacifier when his mother (Surekha Sikri) spews acidic words at her. The Kaushik clan also includes his sons, Nakul (Ayushmann Khurrana) and his younger brother Gullar.

Things take an awkward turn when the parents to two adult boys (one of them is of marriageable age), get pregnant out of the blue. ‘Yeh bhi koi mummy papa ke karne ki cheez hai?, quips Nakul to his girlfriend Renee (Sanya Malhotra) when they are in the midst of a makeout session. On the other hand, Gullar too isn’t excited about the arrival of ‘chota mehmaan’. Meanwhile, daadi wonders, ‘Time kahan se mil gaya tujh ko’. What follows next is how the Kaushik household try to cope with the typical ‘log kya kahegey’ and its effect on Nakul’s relationship with Renee.

Priyamvada realizes she is pregnant. She finds it sinful to abort the child. Jeetu announces Priyamvada’s third pregnancy to the family. The two sons get embarrassed and start to avoid their parents, friends and society. Their grandma is also shocked and upset.The news becomes viral and they are made fun of by family, friends, relatives, and society. Nakul begins to avoid Renee. Jeetu and Priyamvada ask Nakul and Gullar to accompany them to Meerut for their cousin’s wedding. Both of them refuse by making excuses. This makes Jeetu angry at them and he leaves with his wife and mother. Meanwhile, Renee offers a room date to cheer Nakul up. But he is unable to get intimate with her as it reminds him of his mom’s pregnancy. Sangeeta gets to know about Nakul’s mom’s pregnancy from Renee. She is shocked and speaks ill about the Kaushik family. Nakul overhears this and behaves rudely with Sangeeta, and breaks up with Renee.

In Meerut, Kaushik’s elder sister-in-law and sister talk harshly with Priyamvada for her late pregnancy. For the first time, his mother defends her daughter-in-law for her dutifulness and makes them realize their selfishness and mean attitude towards her.Gullar reveals to Nakul that some boys made fun of his mom’s pregnancy at school and when he responded to them, one of them hit him. Nakul goes to the school the next day and Gullar slaps the boy thrice. Nakul meets own friends and when one of them taunts him, he gives a befitting reply. He reconciles with his parents and begins to fulfil his duties as a son. Priyamvada realizes that Nakul has broken up with Renee, and she tells him to apologize to Renee’s mother. Nakul reluctantly agrees.

As the baby shower preparations begin, Priyamvada goes into labour pain and is immediately taken to the hospital. Sangeeta tells Renee about Nakul’s apology and also that she has forgiven Nakul. Renee rushes to Nakul’s home and then to the hospital. After the delivery, the doctor announces the birth of a baby girl.15 months later, Nakul and Renee get engaged. movie is produced by Vineet Jain, Aleya Sen, Hemant Bhandari, Amit Ravindernath Sharma, Sushil Choudhary and Priti Sahani under the banner Junglee Pictures & Chrome Pictures Pvt. Ltd. The movie has its screenplay done by Akshat Ghildial. Sanu Varghese has wielded the camera for Badhaai Ho. The movie will hit the big screens on October 19, 2018. Badhaai Ho was shot extensively in Mumbai and Delhi.

BADHAAI HO movie Songs

Badhaaiyan Tenu – Brijesh Shandilya, Romy, Jordan  Here
Morni Banke – Guru Randhawa, Neha Kakkar  Here
Nain Na Jodeen – Ayushmann Khurrana, Neha Kakkar  Here
Sajan Bade Senti – Dev Negi, Harjot Kaur  Here

BADHAAI HO movie Cast

Ayushmann Khurrana as Nakul Kaushik
Neena Gupta as Priyamvada Kaushik
Gajraj Rao as Jeetender Kaushik
Surekha Sikri as Dadi
Sanya Malhotra as Renee Sharma
Sheeba Chaddha as Sangeeta Sharma
Shardul Rana as Gular Kaushik
Rahul Tewari as Junaa
Alka Kaushal as Gudan bhua
Arun Kalra as Sunil ji
Alka Amin as Nakul’s taiji


Middle-class families are often riddled with their own set of values and social systems. While pregnancy and motherhood are celebrated, subjects like sex and romance are talked about with a degree of embarrassment and awkwardness. The concept of ‘Badhaai Ho’, where a quintessential Delhi couple; parents to two adult boys (one of them is of marriageable age), get pregnant out of the blue, is just the sort of subject that can ruffle-up feathers within the middle-class family system. Yet, this dramedy, based on children feeling terribly embarrassed by the outcome of their parents’ mid-age romance; with outsiders joining in the criticism, conveys some really progressive thoughts. The situational humour of ‘Badhaai Ho’ is complimented perfectly, by striking performances from Gajraj Rao, Neena Gupta and Ayushmann Khurrana. This film is as funny as it is liberal. The conversation around the fact that romance and passion have nothing to do with age, make this film a stand out for many reasons.

The Kaushiks live in Delhi’s Lodhi colony, a run-of-the-mill setting, where family affairs can tumble into the next home through adjoining balconies and windows. So, when Jeetender and his wife Priyamvada find out about their unexpected pregnancy, the news spreads like wildfire. Neighbours get curious, but the knee-jerk reactions come from members of the Kaushik household. The two sons are shocked by the fact that their parents still have an active love life (read: sex life), while the grandmom (Surekha Sikri) is appalled by the news, too. Steering clear of clichés and stereotypes, the writing of Shantanu Srivastava and Akshat Ghildial brings in some genuinely likeable moments. The way the parents break the news to their family is hilarious. Priyamvada’s colony friends feel happy for her, while her own children are almost left red-faced by the news. The on-screen romance between the parents, replete with 80s and 90s romantic songs playing in the background, is absolutely endearing. The well-crafted dialogues add to the hilarity of the situations.

BADHAAI HO Box-office collection

Ayushmann Khurrana has made a unique mark at the Box Office. Two of his films are in the running today and between them they have amassed a staggering Rs. 300 crore in a matter of just 7 weeks. While Badhaai Ho has collected an astonishing Rs. 128.70 crore already, Andhadhun too has brought in Rs. 71.50 crore*. This brings the total to Rs. 200 crore and it is a first for an actor to achieve such a superb feat with one Blockbuster and another Superhit playing in theatres together.Ayushmann’s first release this year was Sriram Raghavan’s gritty crime thriller Andhadhun, which opened on October 5. While its dark humour and twisted plot grabbed eyeballs, the film managed to collect Rs 91.02 crore in India, and a total of Rs 102.38 crore worldwide. For a film with an unconventional storyline, this is an achievement.


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