102 Not Out Full Movie [2018] Online Leaked for Watch & Download HD

102 Not Out Full Movie [2018] Online Leaked for Watch & Download HD
102 Not Out is an 2018 Hindi comedy-drama movie, directed by Umesh Shukla. Stars  Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor. written by Saumya Joshi, produced by SPE Films India, Music by George Joseph, Salim–Sulaiman and Rohan-Vinayak, Production company SPE Films India , Treetop Entertainment and Benchmark Pictures. Film Distributed by Columbia Pictures, Budget 35 crore, Running time 102 minutes, Language Hindi, Country India and Release date 04 May 2018.

102 Not Out Full Movie [2018] Online Leaked for Watch & Download HD

The first half of “102 Not Out” is a broad comedy built on the back of a two-part joke that is repeatedly run into the ground: Bachchan’s mischievous extrovert laughs and lectures Kapoor’s google-eyed grumpy old man as Dattatraya proposes a series of perpetually escalating challenges to help Babulal think younger. First, Dattatraya makes his son get rid of some unnecessary baggage, like his hypochondria-enabled doctor’s visits, and his childhood blanket. Then Bachchan, playing what is essentially a manic pixie dream grandpa, forces Babulal to go on a trip down memory lane, including visits to a playground, a church, and a bakery. 

This chintzy portion of screenwriter Saumya Joshi’s consistently sentimental narrative is mostly bearable thanks to Kapoor’s comic timing and Bachchan’s seemingly boundless energy. Kapoor deserves special praise: he scowls, sighs, and sinks his chest to his chin with consummate zeal. He also looks appropriately misty-eyed whenever his character has an emotional breakthrough. Kapoor generally does a great job of playing straight man to Bachchan’s amusingly clueless Jiminey Cricket-like conscience. 

That said, there are several unfortunate jokes about Babulal and Dattatraya’s advanced ages rather than their behavior, as when Bachchan kicks a soccer ball and lustily skronks on a toy saxophone while wearing an unseemly ear-to-ear grin that makes him look, clad as he is in his wig and beard, like Rankin and Bass’s Abominable Snowman. How are we supposed to take this guy or his life lessons seriously when he looks like that? 

There’s no simple answer to that admittedly loaded question, mostly because Bachchan’s character is hard to take seriously until just before the film’s halfway mark. The turning point is a scene where Babulal takes one of his dad’s challenges and has a credible breakthrough. At this point, Bachchan’s character lets Kapoor take over, and “102 Not Out” becomes a relatively sober melodrama about how awful it is to be old and taken for granted. 

Babulal’s estranged son Amol (Dharmendra Gohil) figures prominently in this hour-long stretch since he is conveniently—but sympathetically—blamed for neglecting his father, and therefore making Babulal feel unworthy of a good life. This is a very Bollywood mentality: Dattatraya, representing the older generation, knows best because he knows Babulal better than he knows himself, and therefore tries to teach his son how to not see himself as a mere reflection of his own ungrateful son’s desires. There’s even a psychodrama-style scene (complete with thunder, dim lighting, and declamatory recriminations) where Dattatraya lays out all the ways that Amol has neglected his father and his late mother. It’s a bombastic sequence, but it works because Bachchan and Kapoor both deliver winningly hammy performances.

And at some point in this “Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte”-like scene, you realize that Bachchan’s wig has become matted down. Patches of his scalp peek out from under his wig’s wispy strands, and his chic circular glasses come off more often. And at this point, Bachchan stops looking like an aging star in a Halloween costume and starts looking like a vulnerable older guy who, in the right light, can still seem handsome. “102 Not Out” won’t win Bachchan any awards, but it proves that this aging figurehead still wears his natural charms lightly.


1. “Bachche Ki Jaan” Hiral Brahmbhatt Salim-Sulaiman Arijit Singh Here
2. “Badumbaaa” Amitabh Bhattacharya Amitabh Bachchan Amitabh Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor here
3. “Kulfi” Saumya Joshi Salim-Sulaiman Sonu Nigam here
4. “Kuch Anokhe Rules” Saumya Joshi Salim-Sulaiman Armaan Malik here
5. “Phir Laut Aayi Zindagi” Hiral Brahmbhatt Salim-Sulaiman Hiral Brahmbhatt here
6. “Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam” Kaifi Azmi Rohan-Vinayak Amitabh Bachchan here


Amitabh Bachchan as Dattatraya Vakharia
Rishi Kapoor as Babulal Vakharia, Dattatraya’s son[7]
Jimit Trivedi as Dhiru
Dharmendra Gohil as Amol Vakharia, Babulal’s son
Vijay Raaz as The Narrator


102 Not Out begins with a few hiccups. The actors take time in adjusting to the script, which relies more on dialogues than actions. Remaining true to the play, every character is introduced by a fellow actor, and wherever they feel restricted, Vijay Raaz’s voice-over comes to the rescue.

After a talkative initial portion, the veterans begin to settle down in their roles and 102 Not Out starts taking shape. Umesh Shukla ensures we go down the memory lane and remember our childhood and secretly sob as Rishi Kapoor silently unpacks his armour. While Amitabh Bachchan plays the anchor, Rishi becomes the glue that sticks the scenes together.

His grumpy old man strikes a chord with us. His silence and cries make sense to the audience, and you hope his character will achieve full bloom. The screenplay, however, favours Amitabh Bachchan’s energetic act. The focus keeps shifting from one to the other without actually achieving the crescendo.

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Jimit Trivedi’s Dhiru doesn’t help either. He provides the comic relief, but the film is light in nature and his interventions don’t add much to what the two senior actors have already achieved. A third character is definitely needed to take the story forward and add a neutral perspective, but it could have been carved out in a better way.

Umesh Shukla’s focus is on creating moments rather than a build-up that would culminate with a blast. He adopts old school methods and gives his characters enough time to unfold their inner selves. Most of the film is shot inside a house where the director’s dependence on the performances increases. When he ventures outside the four walls, he tries to maintain the same kind of serenity.

Box-office collection:

To think that it came a week after box office juggernaut Avengers: Infinity War and a week before Rs 100 crore grosser Raazi. It makes the success even sweeter. This little gem of a film stood tall against such box office hits.

And after 25 days of its release, 102 Not Out has finally hit a half-century at the box office. The film earned Rs 26 lakhs on its fourth Monday taking its 25-day total to Rs 50.01 crore. The film is now Rs 50 crore Not Out.

Trade analyst Taran Adarsh tweeted about the business of the film and wrote, “#102NotOut is 50 NOT OUT… Crosses ₹ 50 cr mark… [Week 4] Fri 33 lakhs, Sat 58 lakhs, Sun 75 lakhs, Mon 26 lakhs. Total: ₹ 50.01 cr.


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